Multisensory Storytelling in VR

Week 1: Unreal Beginner Crash Course

This week I started by watching the first half of this UE5 crash course tutorial. Here are a few screen shots of what I've worked on so far along with the various tools I'm learning about.

  • creating and editing materials

  • Using the Lumen lighting system

  • downloading Quixel Megascans and importing them into a project

  • creating a cinematic animation

  • adding environmental lights to a level

  • using landscape sculpting tools

  • using Landmass tools along with landmass layers

  • Installing new plugins

  • Using experimental water tools

  • Creating an ocean

  • Creating a lake

  • Creating a river

  • Hopefully this will work in VR soon

Week 2:

This week I finished up the UE5 crash course tutorial and also got to play around with our 3D scans from NYCAP 3D in Mixamo. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Playing with Fracture Tools

  • Using Landscape Tools

  • Using Foliage Tools

  • Using Procedural Foliage Tools

  • Taking an In-Scene Screenshot

Playing with a 3D scan in Mixamo: