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Synthetic Architectures

Project 1: Infinite Bedrooms

My Bedroom is:

- cluttered

- coated

- wasted

- uncomfortable

- dark

- dusty

- ignored

- well intentioned

- dream storage

Project 2: Reality Thresholds

Idea 1: Technocene Wall

I want to play with the idea of a post-human world inhabited by all the things we've left behind. There's an amusement park of sorts run by the last remaining creatures on earth. The attraction is a massive wall of technological detritus that humans have left behind, with a scenic view of the world below when you reach the top.

Themes: Darkness, Nostalgia, Absence

A: View from the bottom of the wall/mountain

B: View of the landscape from the top of the wall (the other side)

Threshold: journey up the wall/mountain

Inspiration: ff7 Wall, Wall-E, Astro's Playroom


Idea 2: Infinite Mouths

This idea is playing with megalophobia, a fear I have of large objects or large empty spaces. You're on an exhibition to explore a dead creature that washed up to shore on this beach. The creature resembles that of a giant lantern fish or a viper fish. Once inside you realize that there's fish upon fish upon fish of various decreasing sizes that this fish has swallowed. You find that an ecosystem of itself lives inside these fish, deep in its core. The creatures aren't based in reality, but they do have bones and organs.

Themes: Mystery, Darkness, Nature, Illusion

A: View of the mouth of the creature from the shore

B: Inside the deep belly of the fish, bigger on the inside

Threshold: The walk deeper inside this fish, the multitude of deep sea life, exploring the unknown

Inspiration: Godzilla amusement park, Lee Bontecou, deep sea fish, Subnautica, Water Womb World, Silt, Soma, Nausicaa

Inspiration/Mood Board:


Idea 3: Sphere

A room with a reflective sphere made of water that acts as a portal to various worlds that you can step inside. This idea is inspired by the 1998 movie Sphere, and other sci-fi movies/tv series with "warp" like animation sequences like 2001: A Space Odyssey or Star Trek. I want the sphere to feel like it's alive, something that responds to your feedback and maybe generates portals to various worlds based around how you act once inside the sphere.

Themes: Identity, Humanity, Mystery, Absence

A: Room with the Sphere

B: Various worlds

Threshold: triggering these randomly generated worlds - the sphere responds to your actions. The relationship between you and the sphere.

Various Worlds:

- private spaces

- ancient spaces

- in space

- cavernous

- industrial

- undersea

- small

- large

- borrowed - created by others

- Google Images

- AI generated (sphere generated)

Inspiration: Sphere, The Universal Sphere, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Lab, Monster's Inc.

Various World Examples:


Final Project:

Infinite Mouths

Work in Progress: Asset Creation

Video Documentation:

Download the Windows and VR version here:

Download ZIP • 977.13MB


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