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TheLaserGirls Studio Blog 

October 2015 - Current

In 2015, TheLaserGirls set out on a new mission: to share their 3D printing journey to the world so others can build on it.  And in doing so, help foster a positive and creative environment of teaching and learning.  This is TheLaserGirlsStudio, a multimedia workspace of blog articles, video tutorials, photo stories and marketplaces for 3D printed content.


We are so excited take you on our journey, and even more so, to learn about yours!

3D Printed Nails 

November 2013 - 2015

Founded in 2013 by two NYC-based artists, Dhemerae Ford and Sarah C. Awad, TheLaserGirls collaborate on project-based 3D printed works.  Their mission: to push the boundaries of the technology and process in hopes to create a unique, interdisciplinary perspective driven by diverse and well-rounded interests. Most known for creating the  3D Printed Manicure, the duo set out to meld art and design into prosumer pieces and fine art works that tackle bridging the gap between seemingly unachievable fantasies, and the individuals passionate about them.


Since the beginning of their partnership, TheLaserGirls have shown

their work across a variety of platforms.  Within months of their

conception, they exhibited at 3D Notion, “the first New York based 3D

print show” at Bruce High Quality Foundation, and were selected to

present their 3D Manicure at EYEBEAM’s Fashion Wearable Demo and

Tech Night in Chelsea, NYC.

The duo has also participated in several fashion shows and expos.  Most notably the 3DPrintshow, "the largest international exhibition of 3D-

printed art and fashion", and Tech in Motion.   They have been featured in online and print publications such as The New York Times, the BBC, Yahoo Shine, Gizmodo, Design Milk, Refinery 29, the Toronto Star, Elle Magazine, 3D Artist Magazine, GeekFold Magazine, and Nomansland. 

You can purchase their 3D Nails in a variety of materials via their Shapeways Store.

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