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Cysters VR
Multisensory Experience, 2023

A short, humorous and surreal adventure about our weird human bodies and what it's like living with an annoying little cyst-er.


Created by two cysters themselves, Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford.


Developed in UE5 for Oculus Quest 2.


Storyboard, creative direction, voice over: Sarah C. Awad


Interaction design, development, programming, art direction and asset creation: Dhemerae Ford

Infinite Mouths
VR Experience, 2023

An existential walk through a giant mutant fish, Infinite Mouth is an experimental VR experience about my megalophobia (fear of large objects) and my first experience at the Natural History Museum in New York City.

Developed in UE5 for Oculus Quest 2.

Entropic Ecosystems
Hand tracking experiment, 2022

An experimental project that utilizes the Leap Motion Controller to explore how humans choose to interact with a world where everything you touch causes and unknown and unseen effect to the environment.  Chaos and order are two sides of the same CRT screen.

Developed in Unity

Underwater Ruins
VR Experience, 2022

My first VR project, with a the goal of creating a swimming simulator.  You use your hands to propel yourself forward in a natural swimming motion.  Explore the sea in search for secrets buried beneath the waves

Developed in Unity for Oculus Quest 2

Video Sculpture, 2021

Video documentation of installed video sculpture, NYC 2021

3D assets designed using ZBrush

Video created using Adobe After Effects

Projection Mapping using Mad Mapper

Runtime: 10 min

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