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Hypercinema Week 7: AR Animation Storyboard

This week we are working in Adobe After Effects to create an 2D animation that can be incorporated in AR.

Working with Ijon Hsieh, we decided to use AR in order to create a portal to another world. Our idea was to try to use the elevators in the ITP building to create an AR experience as you make your way up the floors.

The idea is that on each floor of the elevator, as the doors open, you see a different outdoor scene. Starting with the deep sea and traveling upwards towards outer space, the doors open and you are greeted with a few seconds of an animated scene. There are 4 scenes in total, in order they are deep sea, forest, mountains and space. We both liked the idea of interrupting an otherwise mundane experience to make it more interesting, a little surprising, an absurd.

We also chose this direction because even if it doesn't work using AR in our elevators, we can still use the same animations on a wall or in another space for a similar "portal" effect.

Below is the storyboard which is definitely subject to change in case we run into hiccups with the execution or run out of time.


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