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Hypercinema Final Project: Underwater Ruins VR

For this final project, I ended up creating something very different than my other two proposals, but still something that I still thematically makes sense with the direction I originally wanted to go in. I created an underwater scene in VR with some surprise elements hidden throughout the environment to discover and interact with.

I didn't manage to get all of the interactions working that I wanted to, but I got the most important one working.

What I managed to get working:

  • swimming locomotion player controller

  • audio controllers

  • video controllers that reacts to proximity triggers

What I didn't manage to get working:

  • Object grabbing with underwater physics

  • Interactive UI panels to trigger certain events

All the assets were created by other designers, or given as demo files from the Unity Asset store. Following some crazy tutorials, I managed to write most of the scripts myself, aside from one - which I'll link at the bottom. The video clips features are pulled off of various streaming sites, edited and compiled in Adobe Premiere.

Thematically I wanted to play, not only with personally significant media/stories, but stories that try to touch on the ideas of blurred realities/unrealities and future dystopias. Many of these stories feature protagonists who strive to conquer the unknown - and in doing so must deal with the consequences of their actions. I decided to juxtapose this media with a seemingly serene environment of my own creation, inviting and enticing the player to explore and uncover.

Here's the link to the APK file that can be loaded into any android device.

Here's the Demo:

Here are some screen shots:

Here are the tutorials and assets that were used to create this scene:


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