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Art Toy Design Week: 3

This week was spent mostly playing around with form and color. I made some minor adjustments to the overall form of my bat, made sure there was no clipping of hair or other body parts that would disrupt the look of the toy. I spent a large majority of my time twisting the top half of the body to get a more slumped look. I honestly just couldn't get it feeling right. So, after many hours of tweaking, I came to the conclusion that a simple head tilt was the solution I was looking for. At the end of this week the sculpt is complete, all that's left is to work on finalizing the color variations and start planning the rest of the other versions.

Unpainted Finished Sculpt

I then started thinking about some ideas around the 4 different versions I wanted to try to accomplish.

Here are a few I came up with:

- flocked collar version (no sculpted fur) - OR - fake fur collar

- transparent to opaque 3D print version (ghost mode)

- Skeleton version

- Dark Mode

- Light Mode

- The version that is a candle

Some ideas for color

A light-colored version, looks a bit sinister with this lighting

Turntable Animation of the full-color sculpt

I really liked these screenshots from the thumbnail view in ZBrush, it makes the image look like a cryptozoological artifact

I'm not sure where I'll land with the time that I have. I really wanted to incorporate mixed materials, but I'm not sure I'll have time for that. If anything, I can add variety in the eyes, which was one of my main goals from day 1.


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