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Worldmaking in Unity: Week 3

This week I started John Lemon's Haunted Jaunt: 3D Beginner tutorial on Unity's LMS. I unfortunately do not have any images from the project because Unity crashed and I've been running into issues loading the project again. I've since started it over again in order to finish the tutorial, which I'll finish by the end of this week and add images to this blog later.

From our lecture last week, I was feeling really inspired by the sandpiel project and decided to tweak my original idea to something that feels more interactive and also more doable in the short time we have in this class. I want to explore alternative game controllers and decided to try my hand at using motion sensors to create a stacking game in Unity. I have an old leap motion that I never used and thought it would be a good opportunity to use it as a controller to make a small game where you interact with various objects in a scene. You can turn objects on and off, and stack them up - similar to the tower that I was originally going to have the player climb up in my original idea (with the same kinds of assets).

The goal of the game is to strike a balance between the various objects in the scene in order to stack up to the top. However, as things stack up, the environment might change in order to make the stacking harder. I still intend to use this project to explore various ways in which we depict and interact with the natural world in a virtual space, and I'd like to see how I can synthesize that idea into something engaging.

Again, I'm still trying to figure things out conceptually, but I'm excited to play with the idea of using motion tracking to interact with Unity.

Here's a few tutorials I'm going to look at:

As an idea, I'm looking at an experience similar to these past projects:


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