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Hypercinema Week 4: Runway ML Project Proposal

There are a few models I'm interested in playing with in Runway ML for this particular project. I've been playing around with StyleGAN2 to generate illustrations based on a training dataset (images of birds and mythological creatures). By training these models I've started playing around with the idea of creating images and videos of hybrid creatures and using this data to inspire 3D models or 3D animations of the results.

One of my ideas came from reading about the oil spill in California this week. Using GANs to implement a style transfer (maybe pix2pix) between videos of native birds, fish and mammals to video/stills of the oil spill in Huntington beach (or other historically catastrophic oil spills). Could be interesting to create an animation using this method of collecting still images that are generated. I'm not sure how feasible this project is but I've started to play around with some interesting results.

Here's one example of the completed process using only images

I'd like to see what the results of trying to create a video will do. I would like to see how that's possible - if it's possible

My second idea was very similar to the one above, but instead I would be using STYLEGAN2 to create a photorealistic image using illustrations/images of various cryptids that exist in the US. I would then take the images and create a 3D model inspired by the outcomes, along with a short text document generated using a text generator to create the backstory of this creature. Another outcome could be a style transfer of the generated cryptid image back into an illustration. The idea is that I will using ML to generate a legendary creature and see if I can get an interesting outcome out of it. Maybe I could train a model that could be used by others as a monster generator.

A cryptozoological map of the US

Lastly, for my third idea I was thinking about ways to use Textures_DTD to generate textures from vector images that I can use to create new types of "skin". The goal is to generate a texture file that I can then take into a 3D program and create a swatch of skin that can then be print in a flexible material and worn. The concept behind it is to create a unique piece of armor using a machine generated image based on various organic forms. We have a rich history of using animals to create protective clothing, whether that's literally using the skin, bones and scales to create clothing - or being inspired by them and creating artificial skin. The idea is to use ML to generate new hybrid organic skins and use those textures to create armor or protective clothing.

This last idea is quite ambitious for this project, but as a cosplayer, I think it's something I would definitely like to return to for a larger project as someone who loves to design and 3d print costumes. But maybe for the sake of this assignment I could create a 3D model of one item of armor inspired by and using the generated hybrid skin textures.

An x-ray image of Dragon Skin, which is type of ballistic vest worn used primarily by military and law enforcement personnel inspired by the layout of scales in reptiles


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